Top Wedding Band Trends

Guide to Wedding Bands

From flashy to solid; from spiraling stones to textured shine. Here at Simply Majestic, we understand the importance and meaning behind the wedding band. That is why we specialize in custom jewelry design to create the perfect pair of wedding bands. Clients may choose from our selection, or bring in heirloom pieces to be reworked and created anew. So, what are people buying for their wedding day? What are the trending wedding bands for 2018? […]

Top Engagement Ring Trends

Top Engagement Ring Trends

With an endless variety to choose from, searching for the perfect engagement ring can feel quite overwhelming. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a list of some of the top engagement ring trends of 2018: The Classic Solitaire – The classics never go out of style, and nothing is classier than the simple beauty of a solitaire. This style brings all focus to the diamond, for a pure and graceful look. The single stone is […]

What Are the Five C’s of Diamonds?

The 5 C's of Diamonds

Stressed about how to choose the perfect diamond? Not sure what all the different descriptors of a diamond mean? Simply Majestic understands the importance of finding and designing the perfect diamond, a symbol of your love for your significant other. We understand the commitment of an engagement ring. That is why it is essential to understand the 5 C’s of a diamond. Understanding your stone will allow you to determine the true value of the […]

Perfect Proposal

Perfect Proposal

  At Simply Majestic, it’s always wedding season! Here are our tips for planning the perfect proposal. Make sure your bases are covered: Are you in your partner in agreement on how to allocate your financial resources? How you spend your free time? Do you plan to have children, and have you talked about parenting styles? When you fight, is it fair? Are there any resentments that cause tension now and then? It’s a good idea […]

Ring Shape and Styling

Find the Perfect Shape

Shape is one of the seven elements of art, the others being line, space, value, form, texture, and color. With so much focus on the brilliance of the diamond or precious stone itself, shape is sometimes overlooked. But an engagement ring can and should be more than a symbol – it is a work of art that is given to one extraordinary woman. The contours of an engagement ring should complement her hand – as […]

Men’s Wedding Band Promotion

Just in time for summer weddings, Simply Majestic is running an unbeatable deal on this collection of incredible wedding bands for men. Made of precious metals with gemstones of the highest quality, the craftsmanship on these rings must be seen in person. For a limited time, every ring pictured here is 50% off. For fit and pricing, come into Simply Majestic and let us help you find the perfect heirloom-quality ring