It’s all about service at Simply Majestic

Service: noun: an act of helpful activity; help; aid.

Here at Simply Majestic, service is one of our guiding principles.  We understand that entering a jewelry store evokes a wide range of emotions for people, from excitement and anticipation (gifts! surprises! a special treat for yourself!), to anxiety and uncertainty (can my heirloom be repaired? am I picking out the right engagement ring for my love?).  We are ready to help you.  The staff is trained and educated in the items we sell, and we have the unique advantage of having a master jeweler with decades of experience right on premises.  Whatever your jewelry needs, and whatever your level of jewelry knowledge, we will help you to pick out the perfect gift (or gift for yourself!) that meets the occasion, fits your budget, and leaves you feeling good about your decision.

However, our service doesn’t stop there.  We are acutely aware and very grateful that our small business is supported by the local community, and so we strongly believe in giving back whenever possible.  Most recently, Simply Majestic staff volunteered our time at the 60th Mystic Outdoor Art Festival.  We also look forward to attending Ocean Commotion to raise money for the Mystic Aquarium, and following that, attending Sofia Sees Hope.  We are proud to support dozens of local events and organizations by purchasing tickets, donating beautiful jewelry for auction, or volunteering our time.  Service to the community is both rewarding and humbling, and we look forward to being involved in as many charitable organizations as we can.

If you would like to discuss possibly partnering with Simply Majestic for your event, feel free to call us and any member of staff can assist.