Perfect Proposal

Simply Majestic best engagement proposal tips for 2019


At Simply Majestic, it’s always wedding season! Here are our tips for planning the perfect proposal.

Make sure your bases are covered: Are you in your partner in agreement on how to allocate your financial resources? How you spend your free time? Do you plan to have children, and have you talked about parenting styles? When you fight, is it fair? Are there any resentments that cause tension now and then? It’s a good idea to have these conversations before you propose.

Make it personal: Grand gestures are, well, grand, but not everyone appreciates a proposal in a public setting. There are some partners who absolutely would love an ‘event’ of some sort, in front of scads of strangers, with a flash mob, skywriting, fireworks and live dove release all at once. But you have to be really, really, (really!) sure that this is the kind of thing your partner would be into (and even so, the doves are probably overkill.)

One idea is to take your partner on a special occasion, be it a musical, an antique car show, a wine tasting, a quilting bee, a science fiction convention – anything. It’s a good way to show your partner that you support their interests – even the ones you don’t share – and makes a nice setting for a memorable proposal.

Make it meaningful: You are your partner’s biggest fan. Tell them why.

You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to speak from the heart. Tell them what you appreciate about them. Tell them what you admire. Tell them how they have changed your world. And keep telling them, long after rings and vows have been exchanged. There are few things more beautiful in life than being seen and loved for who we are. There are few things more delicious than falling in love with your partner, over and over.

Make it memorable: If you do share an interest, it’s nice to incorporate it. One couple we know loved fishing excursions. When the unsuspecting bride asked for a lure, her groom-to-be handed her a ring and got down on one knee. It was a sweet surprise and a story they both love to tell. Another groom-to-be, an illustrator, turned his love story into a comic book that ended with the big question. In one blended family situation, the kids helped plan a scavenger hunt for their future stepmom, which ended with a proposal, followed by pizza and family game night. Another suitor tied his bride-to-be’s ring to the collar of the kitten he gave her for her birthday.

Use your imagination – the possibilities are endless.

Make your move with confidence: With a custom piece from Simply Majestic, your partner will have a ring as uniquely beautiful as they are. We offer lifetime warranties, free cleaning, and inspection. Our staff stands behind your investment in us and your future.

You have a good heart, good intentions and the love of a good person. You have our very best wishes.

Go for it!