Ring Shape and Styling

Ring shape and style guide from Simply Majestic jewelers
Ring shape and style guide from Simply Majestic jewelers

Shape is one of the seven elements of art, the others being line, space, value, form, texture, and color. With so much focus on the brilliance of the diamond or precious stone itself, shape is sometimes overlooked. But an engagement ring can and should be more than a symbol – it is a work of art that is given to one extraordinary woman. The contours of an engagement ring should complement her hand – as well as her personality. If you’ve been shopping for rings, and the styles don’t seem to be “working,” you might be having an instinctual reaction to shape.

Differences explained

An engagement diamond is evaluated for what’s known as ‘the four Cs’: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut. We’ll share more details on those in August, but for now, it’s useful to understand how shape and cut relate to one another. The cut relates to luminosity - how the diamond contains and reflects light - while the shape is the appearance of the stone. There are 10 common stone shapes: round, princess, pear, cushion, heart, Asscher, oval, emerald, marquise and radiant. While cut determines the sparkle of the diamond, shape is more personal; it draws special attention to the hand and fingers. Shape also communicates personality. Those favoring a classic, timeless style might opt for a cushion, round or princess diamond in a solitaire setting. Modern tastes trend toward emerald, round or marquise shapes in a clean, geometric setting. An eclectic look might be a combination of an unusually shaped stone in a vintage setting. The possibilities are endless – and inspiring!


It’s all about balance

Choosing a ring is a lot like choosing a wedding dress. Nearly all rings sparkle but the right ring makes a bride-to-be shine. This is where understanding body shape can help the selection process. There are advantages to every form.

Women with larger hands and wide fingers can look to heart and round shapes; and experiment with bold looks. Heavier, clunkier styles and thick bands can draw attention away from large knuckles. A setting that covers the width of the finger also balances the proportion.

Those with long, slender fingers can opt for radiant and princess shapes and smaller stones to make fingers appear wider, and thick bands to make fingers appear shorter.

Likewise, oval, emerald, marquise or pear shapes can help lengthen the appearance of short fingers. Slender bands also enhance this look.


Make the ring you want

Perhaps you already know what you want, but you can’t find the look anywhere? Have it made. At Simply Majestic jewelers in Mystic, a custom design does not automatically equal additional cost. A personal design can often be less expensive than extensive modifications to an existing piece. The important thing is to create a uniquely satisfying accessory: a ring that your partner will be proud and happy to wear. Our expertise is highly valuable and our costs are not prohibitive. Bring your ideas in! One of the best parts of our work is collaborating with our clients and creating something beautiful together.

We also offer our own line of exclusive, unique 14K gold and diamond engagement rings priced at or below $1500. Each ring is forged on-site and comes with lifetime warranty and free cleaning and inspection.