Top Wedding Band Trends

Top wedding band trends for 2019 from Simply Majestic
Top Wedding Band Trends

From flashy to solid; from spiraling stones to textured shine. Here at Simply Majestic, we understand the importance and meaning behind the wedding band. That is why we specialize in custom jewelry design to create the perfect pair of wedding bands. Clients may choose from our selection, or bring in heirloom pieces to be reworked and created anew. So, what are people buying for their wedding day? What are the trending wedding bands for 2018? This simple guide will dive into some of the hottest current wedding band trends and will help spark your imagination in creating a ring that symbolizes a lifetime of love.

Colored Stone Wedding Bands
The wedding industry has seen a major shift from the traditional gold and silver wedding bands to the more non-traditional bands. Today, unique is in! That is why the colored stone wedding bands are trending. These simple and beautiful wedding bands have the simplicity of the traditional wedding bands, but also include gorgeous colored stones of your choosing. Whether that be ruby, emerald, or a deep blue sapphire, the options are endless. Spice up your wedding band with a bit of sparkle and color.

Classic Wedding Bands
That said, the classic wedding band retains its longevity and popularity. Aside from their simplicity and beauty, they are the most traditional. Less is more, and many couples find that classic bands complement a wide variety of personal styles and other accessories. If you love the look but wanted to add a little more, here at Simply Majestic we can engrave a date, quote, name, or anything you choose into your band to make it more personal to you and your partner.

Personalized Fingerprint Wedding Ring
Wedding bands hold so much symbolism for promise and commitment. That is why personalization has become an important part of a wedding band design. With new technology, wedding bands with your significant other's fingerprint engraved in the band have emerged as a trend. These designs work better with a plain flat classic wedding band but add a more personalized and unique look.

Diamond Set Wedding Band (for the bride)
Want the classic wedding band look with a little bit more sparkle? Then try a diamond set wedding band! This set of bands allow for the groom to have the classic wedding band, while the bride has diamonds embedded in the ring to add some sparkle and a modern touch. Diamond set bands work best with deeper rings so that the diamonds can be better secured. This also provides the added benefit of giving the ring a flat edge so it sits better and more securely against your engagement ring.

Titanium or Black Zirconium Wedding bands (for the groom)
The sleek dark look of black zirconium is quickly becoming a popular trend for the groom. Lightweight and durable, these rings offer an eye-catching and masculine alternative to the traditional precious metal wedding bands. For a more personalized or matching look, Simply Majestic can engrave matching quotes, dates, or sayings to make the ring a bit more unique but still match your partner's ring.