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Custom Jewelry Design

Digital Design Studio

Old world craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology at Simply Majestic. Introducing our newest jewelry designer… you! Our three-dimensional Digital Design Studio allows you to be involved in every step of making your dream jewelry come to life. Whether you are looking to breathe new life into old stones with a redesign and remount, or create a complete, one-of-a-kind piece, bring your inspiration boards into Simply Majestic and let our experienced and talented staff create a piece that will exceed your expectations.

This Is Our Specialty

For over 20 years, Simply Majestic has been known for our custom creations. We have taken ideas scribbled on napkins, old photographs, and our customers’ sketches, and turned those ideas into reality. We start with a base design and using high-powered CAD technology, build your jewelry to your exact specifications. We can adjust the size of stones, add design elements, alter metals… your only limit is your imagination! You even have the option of seeing a wax model of your ring before signing off on the final product. We know that there is no better place to create your masterpiece than Simply Majestic – and now, with our ability to provide photorealistic images of your piece in progress, there is no more guesswork or wondering what the final product will look like. You will love seeing your creation in 3D and love the ability to make changes along the way!

One-Of-A-Kind Creations

Simply Majestic specializes in custom jewelry design to create a piece as unique as you, but don’t be fooled – custom design doesn’t mean automatically mean added cost. Sometimes, designing a custom piece can actually save money for our clients by eliminating the need for costly modifications to an existing piece! You will also receive the added benefit of working with jewelry professionals who can take your internet inspiration, and create a piece that is functional to your lifestyle. Come into Simply Majestic at any time to inquire or start a custom design project. No appointment is necessary, and all of our staff members are highly trained, creative individuals who will help you bring your vision to life.

Custom Jewelry Creation Process

Custom ring design process: rendering the ring (1), creating a wax mold of the ring (2), setting the ring (3), completed custom designed ring from Simply Majestic (4)