Designs We’ve Made

Real Rings created by Simply Majestic

Diamond ring custom creation by Simply Majestic

A customer came in with a sizable diamond that had been owned by her grandmother. Simply Majestic created an impressive mounting with lots of sparkle to give her the "wow" factor she was looking for.

Emerald cut diamond in a custom ring by Simply Majestic jewelers

A client came to Simply Majestic with some specific requests for an engagement ring: an emerald-cut center diamond, sapphire accents, and a halo around the side stones only. The finished product was a masterpiece!

Reset engagement ring creation by Simply Majestic

Sometimes our customers challenge us! A recent Simply Majestic client wanted to reset her three-stone engagement ring into a single wide band with plenty of pop and shine. It also had to be a secure enough style to be worn while she worked with her horses in the barn. The final result is beautiful, feminine, and functional for her lifestyle.

Classic oval diamond reset into a gold band

This client wanted understated elegance when remounting her oval diamond. Simply Majestic designed a graceful, timeless ring in yellow gold, featuring detailing on the shoulders of the ring, and a secure bezel setting for the diamond.

Large oval emerald reset into a new ring by Simply Majesitc

This client had purchased a large oval emerald, and came to Simply Majestic to have the perfect ring created. She wanted two-tone white and yellow gold, and trendy double prongs in a "claw" style. The thin diamond halo around the emerald adds drama, and the thick band makes a secure base for the large center stone.

Re purposed stones used in a new ring design created by Chuck Sneddon

This ring is a perfect example of breathing new life into old jewelry. This client had several pieces she no longer wore, but wanted to repurpose the stones into something modern and unique. Simply Majestic designed this "floating" sapphire ring using her old gemstones and diamonds, and even incorporated some of her gold. A truly one of a kind piece!

Diamond earrings remade into a custom ring by Simply Majestic

A customer had diamond earrings she rarely wore, so she brought them to Simply Majestic with the intent to have a "non-bridal" ring created. We added a third matching diamond and created a mounting with detailing that is beautiful but definitely does not have that bridal "look."

Detailed vintage ring created by Simply Majestic

This ring was designed as an incredible gift for a woman who likes a detailed, vintage look for her jewelry. Simply Majestic went through several versions of the design, and sourced multiple gemstones, until the client chose this two tone white and rose gold ring, set with diamonds and rhodelite garnets.

Custom engagement ring design with matching wedding band

This customer wanted two tone yellow and white gold, she wanted thick bands, and she wanted fancy shaped diamond accents! The end result is a completely bespoke engagement ring that met all of her "wants," with a brand new wedding band designed to compliment the overall look.

Real Necklaces created by Simply Majestic

Large blue topaz made into a custom necklace

A client approached us with a sizable blue topaz that she had purchased while on vacation. Simply Majestic designed a sleek, modern pendant with tapered diamonds along one side - a statement piece, but not too flashy for frequent wear.

Custom ombre necklace create by Simply Majestic

Ombre is in! A recent customer wanted an open circle pendant "in red" (her favorite color). Simply Majestic designed this on-trend piece using different white and red-toned gems, including diamonds, pink sapphires, tourmalines, garnets, and rubies.

Diamond rings turned into a necklace by Simply Majestic jewelers

A client inherited her grandmother's diamond wedding band, and wanted to use the gold and diamonds to create a pendant. Simply Majestic took the seven diamonds from the ring, added one more for a balanced design, and Chuck incorporated the gold into the outermost border of the pendant. It is now a treasured piece for a new generation.

Update tanzenite necklace created by Simply Majestic jewelers

A customer had a tanzanite necklace in an outdated style, and she wanted it updated, but "nothing too crazy." Simply Majestic freshened the look by remounting the striking stone into on-trend rose gold, and added a petite halo of glittering diamonds. The end result is an unexpectedly beautiful color combination in a classic style!

Testimonials from our previous clients

“My fiancé and I purchased our wedding bands from them. My mom gifted me one of her diamond bands and Simply Majestic went above and beyond to reset the stones exactly how I was picturing. My mom was so happy with the whole process, as was I. Definitely the best jewelry place to go to for engagement and wedding rings.”

Erin G.

“My family has been doing business with Chuck and Susette for over 15 years. As active owners, their personal attention to the details makes all the difference. In addition, their warm and courteous staff makes the experience personal and special.”

Susan R.

“The service we received with the ring shopping process made us feel like our wedding was the most important in the world.”


“So happy to have gotten several suggestions to go to Simply Majestic for my ring repairs a few months back. I have been BEYOND impressed with their customer service and quality work. I visited yesterday with two of my Grandfather's rings and a loose stone I had in hopes they could assist me with designing a ring to incorporate each. A member of their staff and the jeweler himself sat with me for an hour to create a ring, which is even more than I was hoping for. I am grateful to not only know who will be making my ring but also to have had the opportunity to have a part in the process as well. If you are looking for a friendly, quality, and creative jeweler look no further!”

Erin E.

“Just picked up my redesigned wedding band from simply majestic. It was my grandmothers and Chuck is the only one I would trust it to. I was NOT disappointed! The ring is STUNNING! More beautiful than I could have imagined (I cannot believe I have to wait until May to wear it!). Chuck and Susette worked together with me to design a one of a kind ring while still staying true to my grandmother's memory. Chuck listened to everything I said and did not let me down. I cannot say enough great things! Thank you Simply Majestic!!”

Samantha C.

“[Susette] and Chuck Sneddon opened their jewelry store 25 years ago, and quickly learned the value of business networking (chamber) and giving back to the local community. They are a case study on how to be a local business person – that you are always giving more than you receive because you are given what you need.”

Jason V.